This series of audio sermons entitled Life Changing Sermons includes some of the most dynamic Bible preaching you will ever hear.
We have collected the sermons of dozens of men who have impacted tens of thousands of people through their insightful preaching and faithfulness to God.

Life Changing Sermons - 500 Great Messages in One Compilation

Life Changing Sermons includes more than 500 audio sermons and 75 written sermons in one set. This is a truly amazing array of sermons on every conceivable topic. (This set was formerly available as 14 separate CDs but has now been combined into one set.)

Preachers include M.H. Reynolds, Perry Rockwood, Bruce Lackey, D.A. Waite, David Cloud, M. R. DeHaan, Lester Roloff, William Booth, Carl McIntyre, Dwight Moody, and many, many others.

All audio files are in MP3 format. If you own a portable MP3 player like an iPod, you can have an almost endless supply of good preaching always at the ready. If you listen and take to heart the preaching on this two disc set, you will agree with us that it is truly life changing.

Please be aware that many of the sermons are old and the audio quality can be poor. However, we believe that the value of the messages outweigh the inconvenience of the sub-standard audio quality.

Order now. Only $29.95.

Delivered in a handsome DVD-style case.


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